March of Dimes


Every day, babies are born too soon or very sick. The money raised for March of Dimes helps fund research to find treatments and preventions and supports programs that give moms the best chance of a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

I am planning on walking in the March of Dimes on April 28th in Manassas and to personally raise at least $500. If you would like to join my team or donate to this wonderful cause, it would be greatly appreciated.

Visit my fundraising page at to help.

Unschooling — an interview with Everett Bogue

Everett Bogue

I have always been interested in education — more specifically, alternative methods of learning rather than the conventional idea of structured public school days, four years of college, etc. I interviewed Everett Bogue of to learn more about his unschooling experience. Thanks, Everett, for a great interview.

Is entrepreneurship really so risky?

One of the major problems our society has is the inability to take responsibility. I don’t say this as a criticism because I’m just as guilty of it as the next person–it’s just a fact. When faced with responsibility, we tend to chicken out and run the other way. We try to take the burden of responsibility and hand it to someone else. This is the reason most of society believes entrepreneurship is risky compared to working for the man. But here’s the thing: risk is different from responsibility. Is entrepreneurship really more risky, or does it just involve more responsibility? It’s the latter that frightens people, not the former.